XLN Audio has launched Black Velvet, a new ADpak for the Addictive Drummer virtual drum instrument for Windows and Mac.

The Black Velvet ADpak is the sound you always wished you could afford! A modern classic dressed in black captured with a large, epic sound. Created with the grunge/post-grunge era in mind, with roots in alternative rock transcending to an expensive arena rock-band sound, this takes you on a journey from Seattle to LA. This ADpak is made with the highest demands on everything throughout the whole recording chain, capturing the unmistakable raw attitude in a luxurious package.

The included presets covers different clean setups to gritty alternative rock and grunge to slick, expensive and larger-than-life grandness. Black Velvet offers an almost unreal diversity – go from a tight, fat and controlled sound to unleashing some kind of monster by just pushing the room fader! Simply put, it’s epic!

XLN Audio has also released the Loud Beats & Songs MIDI Pak, a collection of MIDI songs and beats made as a compliment to the Black Velvet ADpak.

This MIDI Pak is not only “Loud, Large and Luxurious” like the Black Velvet ADpak, it’s sophisticated, hard-hitting and detailed – cut-through beats and songs played hard in different grooves and variations.

Loud Beats & Songs covers many different styles from alternative rock, grunge, post-grunge to modern rock and experimental pop. Songs divided in parts (e.g. intro, verses, choruses, bridges) and beats with different variations, tempos and grooves (e.g. hihat, ride, crash, tom, fills) in 4/4 and 6/8. Mix and match beats, fills and grooves – arrange a complete song in minutes!

The Black Velvet ADpak costs 59.95 USD/EUR, Loud Beats & Songs is 19.95 USD/EUR, and a bundle of both is available to purchase for 69.95 USD/EUR.

More information: XLN Audio