XLN Audio has launched Drum Vault, a TrigPak expansion for the Addictive Trigger drum replacement plugin.

The Drum Vault TrigPak expands Addictive Trigger with fantastic new sounds that you’re sure to love. It includes a carefully selected set of kit pieces from the vast XLN Audio library and unlocks the true potential of your mix.

Drum Vault is an essential expansion for Addictive Trigger and features 18 carefully selected kit pieces from our vast library of recordings. These kit pieces (including two previously unreleased gems) come with custom crafted presets that add punch and extra dimension to your drum sounds. They will help unlock the true potential of your mix.

Featuring versatile kicks, punchy snares and two complete tom kits with custom crafted presets, Drum Vault will add the punch and extra dimension that your mixes crave. With two additional linkable extras (body percussion and tambourine), you’ll have an easy time layering your drums for unmatched sonic impact.

This TrigPak gives you instant access to the fantastic drum sounds common in professional music production today!

The Drum Vault TrigPak is available from Plugin Boutique for 79.95 EUR. A bundle of Addictive Trigger + Drum Vault is also available.

More information: XLN Audio / Drum Vault