XLN Audio has announced the release of Reel Machines, a new ADpak for the Addictive Drums virtual instrument.

Reel Machines is an electro injection for Addictive Drums featuring five full electronic kits from the eighties. All samples were recorded on analog tape using mint condition drum machines and modules.

Reel Machines features a plate reverb and real room ambience. Allowing you to go from raw electronic sounds to larger than life monster machines of the past.

Included is a collection of presets in electronic styles ranging from eighties pop to house, dubstep, drum & bass and techno. All included presets come with sets of matching beats for quick and easy groove construction.

The Reel Machines ADpak is available to purchase for 59 EUR / $59 USD. A bundle of Addictive Drums and Reel Machines is available for 269 EUR / $279 USD.

More information: XLN Audio / Reel Machines ADpak