XLN Audio has released the Sonor Designer Snare Kitpiece Pak, a sample pack for Addictive Drums.

Many would agree that the snare drum is the heart of the drumkit. It is the center and the main character. Change the snare drum and you will change the overall sound of your kit.

With the Sonor Designer Series Snare – Kitpiece Pak you will have an additional character in your lineup! And what a character it is. With a depth of 6″ and a lower tuning this Sonor Designer Series Snare is the deepest sounding snare we have released so far. With its maple wood body it has a very warm and balanced tone suitable for a wide range of music styles. This specimen was made in the US during the mid 90s in Sonors world class drum shop. We recorded it in the large rich studio room of 301 Studios in Stockholm which gives you the flexibility to mix it really big or strip it down.

Sonor Designer Snare Kitpiece Pak features

  • Sampled snare drum: Sonor Designer 14×6″
  • Played with sticks
  • Recorded at Studios 301, Stockholm
  • Room size: 99m2 / 1065 square feet

The Sonor Designer Snare Kitpiece Pak is available to purchase as a download for 10 EUR / $10 USD.

More information: XLN Audio / Sonor Designer Snare Kitpiece Pak