XLN Audio has released Woofer Wonderland, a free sample pack for Addictive Drums.

Santa’s got groove this year! For everyone out there who is dreaming of a new kitpiece, looking forward to some bread n butter, a christmas tune and longing for some new christmas presets, this is our gift to you

Woofer Wonderland features

  • DW Collectors Sub Woofer Bass Drum 22”x20” — This monster kick was recorded with a woofer-extension for greater depth and punch, perfect for heavier drum tracks, but it also works great for pop, rock and funk.
  • 30 Presets — The new presets come in many different styles and sounds, varying from small to big, from rock to funk.
  • 170 MIDI Grooves
    • 15 Bread n Butter beats recorded in different tempos and feels for all of you who like to keep it simple. Each beat comes with six variations.
    • 40 Buildups in different arrangments and tempos, great for intros.
    • 20 Tom grooves in different variations and tempos.

Woofer Wonderland is available as a free download (Addictive Drums v1.1 required).

Visit XLN Audio for more information and audio demos.