xoxos lotus VSTi

xoxos has released 9 new plug-ins: 23_words, lotus, ordinate, muchacho, channelswap, muchacha, power and formant shifter.

23_words loads 23 words wavefiles and plays them back sequentially/randomly in sync with host with randomised pitch, panning, looping, ‘scratching’ (pitch envelope).

lotus is a 2 voice algorithmic synth which basically just spews notes in key. ~40-odd temperaments, the 12et scales are on the chart included with ‘talent’. Information on other scales is included.

ordinate is a probability sequencing drummer that goes with lotus. Each step has 3 sample-outcomes (volume, multisamples, you decide) plus silence.

you can load 3 different patterns – the fourth ‘set of three’ sets probability to switch between them at another resolution.

muchacho goes on top of ordinate to randomly ‘buffer override’ each step.

channelswap is another ordinate assistor. It uses the same clock sync technology, but it’s only job is to switch left and right channels occasionally.

muchacha is a quick wrapper for david haupt‘s granulator. It uses the same clock setup as the other stuff here, with probability stuff for each parameter per step.

power is a percussion synth based on the ‘expo’ engine (inspired by dx100) featuring 4 voices, 3 oscs with pitch envelopes and PWM.

formant shifter is a wavecycle-grabbing formant shifter. Since it’s driven by zero-crossing detection, noise, sibilance, and breathy vocals will produce distortion. This plugin is offered as a temporary solution until a free FFT process is provided (there was a free plugin called “omnivox” which has disappeared.)

Visit xoxos.net for more information and to download these plug-ins.