xoxos Brush model

xoxos Cylinder33 model

xoxos Ping model

xoxos has released a package of 5 new models.

Brush was created for generating multiple impulses for use in waveguide modeling. Instead of triggering a single impulse, or initiating an oscillation, a gate event starts a sequence of probability values derived from the seed value that trigger quiet, fast impulses. The chance of a trigger is decreased with time so that various ‘group, cluster’ impulses can be synthesized, such as a group of people clapping, brushes on a drum head, or a handful of gravel hitting a surface.

Cylinder33 is a model in which delay paths are arranged as per the gui diagram, their lengths set per the dimension coefficients. Each path is filtered to model energy dispersion along the path due to conductivity of the material. The outputs of the delays are amplified by the transmission coefficients and fed to other delays in consideration of angle. the coefficients are arranged by “part,” allowing the materials of each part to be described.

Ping generates a sine wave of decaying amplitude by applying an impulse to an attractor.
Useful for some classic analog percussion sounds.

xoxos Reed model

xoxos Snare model

Reed is a basic reed implementation featuring a tuned delay line with inline filter and nonlinearity to model reed, 2 LFOs, 1 envelope and 1 assignable modulation control.

Snare is derived from cylinder33. The implementation in this model is to place one vector at the end of every delay path returning to the center of the drum head. the vector is considered to be at a specified distance below the membrane, and when the membrane oscillates with enough force to strike the “snare,” the snare vibrates, possibly striking the drum head. When the head and the snare meet, they are each affected based on velocity and mass. their coefficients can produce harmonic or enharmonic oscillation.

All models come with detailed information so make sure to read that because some of these models can produce loud noise/feedback at the wrong settings.

Download the zip package here.