xoxos cylinder

xoxos has released a package of 4 percussion/drum type VSTi’s.

cylinder is a network of 9 delays constituting an abstract model of a ‘drum’ – the image on the gui illustrates the paths of the delays. (which looks like a simple representation of a cylinder).

cylinder prototype is simular to cylinder but lacks the 2d head/impact delays (saves 4 delays) which means the head is 1 dimensional and moving the ‘position’ control is more akin to flanging than a drum head. This one is easier on the CPU in case cylinder won’t run well on your machine.

cym1 is a model which has 3 radial delays (edge > bell radius, bell radius to edge, bell radius to center path loops back) and 4 concentric delays (1 in each direction on each path). In addition, there are 2 delays which carry the impact location to the nearest ‘delay feed points’ (9 total delays, 7 in a network). Even modest modal paths get into several dozen delays quickly so this one might not be very useful if you don’t have much CPU power.

t osc is a resyncable noise oscillator. The output is exactly the same at every trigger, like a sample. You can turn the sphere into a cube to make the noise continuous.

The download includes detailed information on all of these VSTi’s.

You can get the VSTi package here.