xoxos kl tract

xoxos has released kl tract and reedesque (beta), two freeware VST plug-ins created with SynthEdit.

kl tract models a vocal tract using series of waveguides with reflectivity coeffs generated by sliders. It features controls for the note (nasal tract connects to throat between r4 and r5) and reflection parameters for termini (r1, r0 and n5). Phonemes can be modelled by approximating the area along the throat. The lpf slider is for the ‘throat’ signal – when you close your mouth, sound radiates from voice box.

xoxos reedesque
reedesque is a penultimate f/w reed model. The follows this path: osc + bandpass filtered noise -> waveshaper -> delay line with damping and nonlinearity, so it uses subtractive and waveguide.
Some notes from xoxos on this one:

  1. to avoid the ‘ping’ sound produced by switching the length of a delay, this model uses two bores. i don’t think the se polyphony engine was designed with toggled bores in mind.
  2. the first patch may crash when you play a 2nd note. it’s not supposed to. sometimes it doesn’t.
  3. maybe it’s some weird file bug. sometimes when playing a new patch you will get a burst of noise ‘stuck in the tube’. you can shake it out by playing a few notes. it doesn’t come back.

The final release of reedesque should have these bugs fixed. Besides kl tract and reedesque, the download package also includes some SynthEdit source files.