xoxos mass-springs

xoxos has released mass-springs, a collection of two percussion synthesizers for Windows PC.

Mass and Cymbal both use mass-spring models to produce realistic dynamic and timbral effects.

mass-springs features

  • Impulse – the mass-spring network is induced into oscillation by applying a linear envelope to the first segment, representing a striking force.
  • Mass-spring – to generate a number of detunable sine waves in response to impulse signals.
  • Boundaries – limiting the mass-spring oscillation simulates the vibrational medium and introduces timbral caustics.
  • High pass filter, band peak filter.
  • Choke, (controllable with modwheel).
  • Trim velocity responsivity of various parameters.
  • Cymbal VSTi includes a noise source to accentuate the high frequencies.
  • Mass VSTi includes a reverb intended for brief and subtle augmentation of the immediate decay of the massspring.

mass-springs is available for $15 USD. A demo version is available for download (includes a nice manual explaining the mass-spring model implemented in both instruments).

Visit xoxos for more information and mp3 demos.