xoxos Perfecto

xoxos has released Perfecto, a freeware virtual analog synth VST plug-in for Windows PC.

Perfecto has two relatively uncommon features:

  1. two audio oscillators cross modulate via pitch (fm) and phase (pm).
  2. pitch to user-scale algorithm that can be used for arpeggio effects.

Note: Perfecto’s oscillators are “unimproved,” with no antialiasing or other usual amenities and pitch or phase modulation of the oscillators uses tons and tons of cpu.

Perfecto features

  • Oscs (4 voices of poly) – Sine, saw, tri and square waveforms, Key (syncing oscillators to NoteOn events), Octave, Tune and Portamento.
  • LFOs – Sine, saw ramp, square and triangle waveforms, synced to key or free running.
  • Scale – main pitch bus is snapped to user-input scale.
  • Filter (H/L/B/R) – When the filter tracking mode button is lit, the filter’s cutoff tracks whatever is coming out of the scaler instead of the played keyboard note.

Visit xoxos for more information and a link to download Perfecto.