xoxos has released another batch of freeware vst plug-ins. This time there are 2 reverb models (plate and spring), a basic reed implementation (clarinet1) and a pitchshifter (ckpitchshifter).

xoxos ckpitchshifter
xoxos clarinet1

ckpitchshifter is based on Chris Kerry‘s pitch shifter module. It features high quality psola pitch shifting, low cpu asm coding by Chris Kerry, a LFO with sine and noise waveforms (also by Chris), a stereo cross channel delay and wide parameter ranges capable of unusual timbres.

clarinet1 is a basic reed implementation which has:

  • 1 tuned delay line with inline filter and nonlinearity to model reed
  • 2 LFO’s
  • 1 envelope
  • 1 assignable modulation control

Note: This model has caustics due to the interpolation algorithm used and a metallic effect sometimes produced when playing legato (due to cycles from the previous pitch dispersing in the delay path).

xoxos plate
xoxos spring

plate is a plate reverb model with a network that consists of 2 delays along each edge (one for each direction) and 2 between opposite corners for a total of 12 interconnected delay paths. Another 4 delays carry the input to each corner. The ‘bottom left’ and ‘bottom right’ corners are tapped (from the diagonal returns at these corners) for stereo output.

spring is another reverb model that has a 4 segment (8 delay paths) waveguide network. Input is fed into one end and received at the other. The network is low passed at each end.
Vibration is passed from the previous segment in a loop, (‘trans.,’) and from coordinate points in the 4 segment diagram, (‘spring,’) which distorts the signal over time; a one vector modulation fundamentally similar to real springs. The produced signal lacks the detail of actual spring reverb units so it is followed by a conventional digital reverb module (rev-8 provided by Etric van Mayer) which uses a different algorithm for delays to blend transients.

The download includes more information about each one of these plug-ins.

You can get the package here.