xoxos pling2

xoxos has released a few new interesting instruments.

pling2 is a plucked string model which uses waveguide modeling to create touch harmonics (instead of other techniques such as filtering). Because of the higher waveguide count, cpu can be high when pitch is modulated, eg. vibrato.

sym5 is a cymbal emulation. It uses an arrangement similar to ‘banded waveguides‘ – input and recursion is summed and fed into 5 delays. The output of the delays is fed sequentially into a limiter, low pass filter, allpass filter, and a parametric eq before being recirculated. Output is high passed after leaving the waveguide circuit.

xoxos boing

boing is a bowed string waveguide model. There are three sections: the string, which changes length in accordance with the played pitch, the bridge, and the body of the instrument, which xoxos calls the resonator. Each waveguide consists of two delays: one to model vibrations travelling in each direction. Since the string is divided at the junction of bow and string, boing uses eight delays in total. (Note that the resonator paths return to the center and are thus twice the length to avoid using ten delays).

The bow-string junction compares the motion of the bow and the motion of the vibrating string and uses the Friedlander-Keller transform to create vibrations travelling away from the bow.

Cylinder33 is a drum model where the body is not the physical body of the drum, but the ‘column of air’ vertice between the middle of the head and the far end of the cylinder. Rim coefficients describe the cylindrical form which the head is suspended across. This plugin was recompiled for lower CPU usage.

You can download all these plugins here.