xoxos Utopia 2.0

xoxos Dystopia

xoxos Breathcube 1.1

xoxos has released 3 new VST plug-ins.

Utopia 2.0 is modeled on classic analog hihat synthesis and is the successor of Utopia, the first VSTi xoxos released.
It features 3 sine OSCs, band/highpass filters and envelopes.

Dystopia is a VSTi based on the classic TR808 hihat and follows the signal flow of the 808 hihat.

Breathcube 1.1 adds a lyrics display caption to Breathcube (released in dec. 2004).
Breathcube generates lyrics and a primitive synthetic (3 formant-band) voice.

Visit xoxos.net for more information and links to download these new VST plug-ins.