xoxos has set free some of its previously commercial plugins. Bong is a digital classic percussion synthesizer.

xoxos bong

A selection of 41 models feature timbres inspired by the golden age of electronic drums.

Bong increases the specifiability of the genre without requiring a manual to understand. Development was largely inspired by a modified Boss dr110.

Explodelay uses a fourier spectral transform in a delay loop to explode signals into bursts of noise.

xoxos explodelay

Separate control is provided over signal propogation across the spectrum and randomising phase to produce a variety of effects from distortion to temporal aliasing, subtle harmonic ripples in comb filter applications, controlled unidirectional shifts with filtering, and constant feedback reimaging.

Of course, exploding signals into bursts of noise effectively describes classic delay technology.

Water is a VST format synthesizer for water sounds.

xoxos water

The plugins are available for download for Windows (VST).

More information: xoxos