xoxos Aerophone

Xoxos has announced that all xoxos plug-ins that were previously sold commercially are now available as freeware.

All VST are now freeware (items linked below). Donations are still appreciated, thank you for the support from all paying customers.

Xoxos plug-ins set free

  • Aerophone, models lip valve instruments with cylindrical bores such as trumpets and trombones. The lip valve is modeled with an oversampled 3rd order mass-spring to emulate expressive acoustic performance.
  • Boing2, a bowed string model. Oscillation is produced with a friction calculation applied to a dispersive waveguide string with oversampling rates of up to 16x. The string loop includes a mass-spring modeled bridge. The body resonator consists of a mass-spring “air tone” model and a 5 band banded waveguide.
  • Phybes, a banded waveguide suited for vibraphone and other mallet instrument emulations. The mallet impulse is modeled with a mass-spring to produce tonal variation from dynamic performance.
  • Piamo, an elementarily modeled virtual piano, providing variable performance timbrality in a gentle emulation leant to abstraction.
  • Pling3, an all-purpose plucked string model suitable for synthesis and emulations.
  • Skunk, a four part algorithmic percussion sequencer. Probability is used to determine which of eight sequences follows the current selection. This concatenative effect is useful for cross-rhythms and other simple rhythmic automations.
  • Horizon, combines lush stereo unison voicing with a phrase sequencer that stays in key when the sequence is transposed.
  • Syng2, a voice synthesizer which uses four bandpass filters to produce formants in any spectrally rich signal, or using an internal oscillator. The phoneme can be selected on a second MIDI channel, or preset words can be triggered.
  • Populus, generates MIDI sequences with a ‘biologically modeled behavioural’ algorithm. The measure is treated like a ‘year,’ wherein notes grow, reproduce and combat.
  • Period Seq, a simple algorithmic MIDI sequencer using four counters. Period Seq is included with all licenses.
  • Gun, uses mass-springs and a noise source. It is almost identical to the freeware Bomb VST, with the addition of a gently randomised multitrigger clock for “automatic fire” sounds.
  • Frictioncombines a 2nd order mass-spring with a friction algorithm and two waveguide resonances. It is capable of elementary emulations of sounds produced by tangent surfaces, such as squeaky hinges and squealing tires.
  • Mass-Springs, Mass VSTi and Cymbal VSTi are percussion synthesizers that use mass-spring models to produce realistic dynamic and timbral effects.
  • Hyperion, a flexible algorithmic MIDI VST designed primarily for melodic parts and capable of outputting three notes on three separate MIDI channels.
  • Fauna, a vocal tract model capable of emulating many animal (and human) sounds.
  • Circuit, a probability based MIDI sequencer that joins short phrases together to create natural feeling rhythms.
  • Series and MiniSeries, inspired by Serialist composition, Series and MiniSeries are performance sequencers which use a modulated counter to index steps.
  • Virtual Machine, a commuted synthesis emulation of motors and similar mechanical sounds.

Xoxos plug-ins are available as VST instrument plug-ins for Windows PC.

More information: Xoxos