XSRDO has released version 0.58 beta of XSRDO Patchwork Modular System, a free modular synthesizer instrument for Windows.

XSRDO Patchwork Modular System

XSRDO Patchwork Modular System is a true modular synthesizer. You can choose what modules you want, where to put them and how many of them you want. Each module is independent of any other and only becomes active when you start to patch them together in your own creative way.

XSRDO Patchwork Modular System features

  • 16 virtual ‘racks’ (with more planned for the future).
  • More than 30 virtual ‘modules’.
  • Insert any module into any rack (except System, Output and Effects [of which only one instance of each type is allowed]).
  • Insert multiple modules.
  • Movable modules (except effects).
  • Use of 3rd party skins, waveforms, wavetables and samples.
  • Three track analog style sequencer.
  • Built in waveform & wavetable editor.

The plug-in is available to download for Windows (VST).

More information: XSRDO Patchwork Modular System