XT Software Machine3

XT Software has launched Machine3, a plug-in that turns your VST folder into a workstation with pattern sequencing, arranger like re-harmonizing and VST plugin support.

Based on the old Machine II VST plugin, Machine3 adds more features like multi-timbral VST support and section based pattern sequencing with re-harmonizing.

Machine3 features

  • Windows and Mac OS X 32-bit VST plugin.
  • Turn your VST folder into a hardware-like workstation.
  • Stack multiple VST instruments and effects.
  • 8 part multi-timbral.
  • 8 sections with per-part pattern (drum and instrument mode).
  • Chord detection with live transposition of patterns.
  • Included sounds and FX.

Machine3 is available for purchase for 29 EUR.

More information: XT Software