xtrabits has announced the release of three VST instrument plug-ins for Windows.

xtrabits DRUMSQ 16/8

The DRUMSQ 16/8 sample rhtythm box plug-in for Windows.

xtrabits plugins

  • MSQ 16/10, a powerful but simple to use MIDI-Step-sequencer:
    • Parameters: Note, Octave, Slide, Gatetime, Velocity, MIDI CC1&2, Reset, Pattern-sequencer.
    • Use your Keyboard to transpose/hold/retrigger sequences.
    • 8 Patterns per Preset. Scale and Chord-function. Integrated sound-engine to prelisten sequences.
  • DRUMSQ 16/8, a Sample Rhythm-box:
    • 8 Patterns per Preset. Mute/Solo for each track. Tracks can be played fwd & bwd, can be renamed, routed to individual outputs.
    • 2 Velocities, Shuffle.
  • Q, free synthesizer:
    • 2x virtual analog oscillators.
    • 1x phase distortion oscillator.
    • 1x FM-Oscillator containing 5 operators.
    • 4 Envelopes (Modulation, Amp, Filter 1, Filter 2).
    • 2 Filter (1x Lowpass, 1x Multimode, Dist/Shape, Pan).
    • 4 LFOs (all tagets available),4 Modulation sequencers.
    • Bitcrusher, Lo-Fi, Delay, Reverb.

The MSQ 16/10 and DRUMSQ 16/8 are available to purchase for 39 EUR and 19 EUR respectively, the Q synth plugin is free. Plugins are available for Windows only (VST).

Visit xtrabits for more information.