Following up on the recently released Toy Piano, Pulseha has launched Xylophoner, a virtual xylophone instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Pulseha Xylophoner

Xylophoner includes 60 key samples and 1 sub-bass sample (24-bit/44.1kHz, with ncw lossless compression). The instrument features two velocity layers per sampled note, and a sub-bass layer for thickening up the sound.

The interface includes controls for individual volume of sub, low and high, and an envelope with attack and decay is included. The arpeggiator comes with a swing control, and a reverb with various types of reverb is available.

Xylophoner is a free download until November 10th, 2017. The regular price is $5 USD. Requires Kontakt v5.6.6 or higher, full version.

More information: Pulseha