Yellow Tools has released version 2.5 of virtual effect rack Freedom and Origami, a real-time impulse response processor for Windows and Mac.

Changes in Origami v2.5

  • Now contains the Èlastique time-stretch technology (SOLOIST by zplane.development) for impulse response and audio files. This time-stretch function comes with the parameters pitch, tempo, formant preservation, sync and original tempo incl. “auto-scan” for the automatic recognition of the original tempo of audio loops.
  • “Step-arrows” for the preset menu in Origami that allow quicker switches of Origami presets.
  • “Reverse” feature for impulse response files in Origami.
  • Generally improved performance and impulse response engine.

Changes in Freedom v2.5

  • Includes Origami v2.5.
  • Expanded with two new insert effects “Ring Modulator” and “Rotary Speaker”.

Both updates are free for registered users of these products, the Premium Suite or the Producer Suite and are available for download in the User Area.

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