Point Blank has posted a video of Yoad Nevo (Sia, Goldfrapp), showing different ways of blending analogue and digital mixing.

The way in which we mix has changed drastically in the past decade, with many hardware-focussed engineers making the move completely inside the box.

The benefits are obvious – instant recall, almost endless instances of accurately-emulated famous hardware and portability being just three. Hardware mixing though, still has its appeals, not just because of the sound but the psychology of reaching out and touching the dials and faders can craft a completely different tone.

If you’re lucky enough to study at Point Blank you’ll get the best of both worlds – our 48 channel SSL Duality Delta is routed through Pro Tools and Logic, allowing you to mix with all the benefits of ‘the box’ and the hands-on nature of hardware. Engineer Yoad Nevo (Pet Shop Boys, Air, Sugababes) joined us recently to show how you can work with both to create a hybrid mix and deliver a high-quality sound.

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