Yonac Software has announced the release of Roxsyn, a guitar synthesizer app for iOS that lets you turn your guitar or bass into a fully featured polyphonic synth.

Yonac Roxsyn

Roxsyn comes with over 500 presets covering many different synth sounds: arps, basses, leads, pads, and some weird stuff.

Expressive, fast and responsive to every nuance, it is a league apart from all other guitar synths to date. No Messy Pitch Tracking, No Soulless G2M. Just Pure Guitar.

Why treat your guitar as a poor keyboard substitute when you know it’s capable of much, much more? Thanks to Roxsyn’s all-original synthesis technology, there is no more error-prone pitch tracking. Hence, there are no pitch estimation hiccups, octave glitches, or garbled chords. There is no cold, temperimental G2M between your guitar and synth to destroy everything human about your playing, either.

Instead, Roxsyn’s metamorphic sound generation technology passes through all the personality of your sound: vibrato, slides, bends, dynamics, even extended technique. The result is a polyphonic synthesizer that is as fast and accurate as it is richly expressive.

And there is no need for special MIDI pickups or hardware: just plug into your favorite Lightning/USB audio interface, and start synthing!

Roxsyn features

  • Revolutionary Metamorphic Guitar/Bass Synthesis Technology.
  • Special algorithms transform dry guitar signal into synthesized sounds in real time.
  • No error-prone pitch tracking or limiting guitar-to-MIDI.
  • Polyphonic.
  • Carries over all the nuances of playing: bends, slides, vibrato, and more.
  • No special pickup required: just use any iOS compatible USB or Lightning guitar/audio interface.

Roxsyn is available from the App Store for $9.99 USD.

More information: Yonac Software