You Rock Guitar has launched a Kickstarter project to fund development of its YRG-Pro MIDI guitar.

The YRG-Pro is a MIDI guitar for the 21st century guitar player. It provides connectivity to a variety of music creation and recording tools. Using standard MIDI protocol, the YRG-Pro is compatible with any MIDI hardware or software platform.

Historically there are three basic MIDI guitar designs: segmented frets, pitch detection and buttons. Each has its own limitations that have frustrated the MIDI guitar market for decades. Our solution takes advantage of the low latency button and segmented fret systems, while eliminating the play-ability and mechanical difficulties of those designs.

Based on our proven technology, the YRG-Pro is designed with studio and performing musicians in mind. The instrument is a full size wooden guitar providing the comfort and feel of your standard electric guitar.

The project aims to raise $80,000 USD by Monday July 30th, 2012, to complete development of the YRG-Pro.

More information: YRG-Pro at Kickstarter