YummyBeats has announced the release of Massive Evolutions Free, a free taster library for Native Instruments Kontakt and Massive.

YummyBeats Massive Evolutions Free

480 MByte of Sounds for Kontakt and additional presets for Massive. This preview Library includes some Synth Leads, Basses & arpeggio synths of the upcoming Massive Evolutions Library.

Heavy & wobbling basses, cutting & toxic leads, amazing & crank arpeggio synths, bad FX, that’s how you could describe the powerful sound of this library in little words. But actually with this library you get countless variations which can be affected as you like via key switches in Kontakt or with the help of the Massive Knobs (or MIDI CC). While programming the sounds we tried to make sure that your creative freedom is as unlimited as possible.

The instruments are nicely programmed for Kontakt with their countless variations & styles which can just be switched by keys so that they can be used intuitively and very comfortable. Thus the biggest & craziest live performances à la Skrillex shouldn’t be a problem any more. Change the complete bandwidth of a sound, from sustaining to wobbling (slow, fast, in triplets…) across dark to screaming, you name it, with only a few key switches. So that also expensive Controllers with plenty of knobs aren’t necessarily required anymore to play the sounds perfectly. Who still needs pure freedom gets it with the additionally included Massive presets and it’s pre-progrmmed knobs which are controlling numerous of automation. If you are using the M-Audio Axiom Pro you even don’t need to re-learn the knobs of massive so you can just kick-off because all knobs (from 1 to 8) are already assigned to MIDI CC75, CC76, CC92, CC95, CC10, CC77, CC78 and CC79, which can be re-assigned however again with a few hand’s turns of course.

Massive Evolutions Free features

  • 480 MB of sounds for Kontakt.
  • Additional Presets for Massive.
  • Synth Leads, Basses, Arpeggio-Synths, FX (from the upcoming Massive Evolutions Library).
  • Several variations of each Synth like sustaining, wobbling (slow, fast, triplets), screaming.
  • Controllable by dynamic & static key switches (Kontakt) or via Knobs & MIDI CC (Massive).
  • All samples recorded in 48kHz 16-Bit.

The sound library is free to those who “like” YummyBeats on Facebook.

More information: YummyBeats / Massive Evolutions Free