Yurt Rock has announced a limited time offer on its newly expanded Producer Pack, a massive collection of custom drum libraries.

The top-selling bundle now features 10 new releases including all Indie Rock Drums and More MIDI libraries.

Are you looking for the ultimate collection of MIDI, Multitracks, Ableton sessions, Logic sessions, and audio drum loops and samples? Introducing The Producer Pack.

Featuring 42 separate libraries including all of our Brush Drums, Indie Rock Drums, Complete Takes, More MIDI Drums, Dry Drums, Hybrid MIDI Drums, Multitrack Drums, and our Man vs Moog library, this bundle is guaranteed to provide the creative (and sonic) spark you’re looking for, all while saving over 90%!

The Producer Pack is on sale for only $99 USD for a limited time (total regular value 1,499 USD).

More information: Yurt Rock