Yurt Rock has announced the release of the EFX Drums Battery Bundle, a royalty free collection of 12 drum kits for the Battery drum sampler by Native Instruments.

If you’re looking for unique and inspiring drum sounds, this is the BATTERY bundle for you. The EFX Drums collection features 12 complete drum kits, each with its own distinct vibe and character, far from your “standard-sounding” drums. All of the kits are laid out in General MIDI format, so they work perfectly with MIDI loops and electronic drum sets.

The samples are also provided in individual folders, allowing you to drag and drop them into any DAW or sampler. In addition to the 12 custom drum kits, we also provide the MIDI loops designed to create the demos. These MIDI grooves are tailormade to be used with each specific kit, providing the perfect starting point for working with the BATTERY bundle.

The bundle is on sale for $20 USD for a limited time (regular $60 USD).

More information: Yurt Rock