AfroDJMac has introduced the free Zebra Attack II Ableton Live Rack, part two of AfroDJMac’s collaboration with Mark Mosher.


Using the same sample from the original Zebra Attack Rack, I’ve set this one up to be a bit less random and offer you more control over the different sounds. What permits the wavetable to be played as a melodic instrument is the very short loop of the sample. I’ve set up a control that allows you to alter the starting point of the sample, which lets you to severely alter the timbre and harmonic structure of the sample. There’s another macro knob that controls which portion of Mark’s wavetable you will be hearing. I’ve added a bit crusher, chorus and flanger, which can be added to taste. Finally I’ve stacked this synth with Ableton’s Operator.

The device allows you to control the Operator’s waveform as well as volume. This will allow you to mix in another layer of sound until you achieve your desired sound. The resulting instrument is one that is dramatically different from the original Zebra Attack Rack, and is also one that can yield an extremely wide array of sounds. At one time soft and mellow and at other times, harsh and biting, I think you’ll find the Zebra Attack Rack II an exciting instrument to play with! Enjoy!

Zebra Attack II for Ableton is a free download.

More information: AfroDJMac