Antelope Audio has announced that award-winning producer, DJ, and musician Zedd uses the Orion Studio audio interface in his new home studio.

Though producer, DJ, and multi-instrumentalist Zedd only began producing electronic music in 2009, his music quickly became a defining sound of contemporary electronic pop thanks to megahits likes 2012’s “Clarity” and 2015’s “I Want You to Know.”

Having long used Antelope Audio clocking and conversion in his work, Zedd and his engineer had no trouble deciding on the powerful and versatile Orion Studio when they decamped their operation to Zedd’s home.

Since the studio’s completion, Antelope Audio’s single-rack-space USB+ Thunderbolt interface has delivered everything Zedd needs to continue crafting the synth-heavy pop masterpieces for which he is renowned.

In the video below audio engineer Ryan Shanahan talks about Antelope’s Zen Tour and Orion Studio Thunderbolt & USB audio interfaces at Zedd’s Studio.

More information: Antelope Audio