Zenhiser has announced the release of a number of sample pack in its Deep House Beats and Total Club Kicks series.

New Zenhiser sample packs

Deep House Beats 01 & 02< — A Huge Collection Of The Most Up To Date Deep House Beats Around.

Let’s put it simply, want to have a collection of deep house beats that that will lift your music productions to a whole new level? Then you’ve come to the right place. Each ‘Deep House Beats’ sample pack contains over 145 pristine deep house drum loops with a minimum of two passes, one with kick, one without. Some drum loops are also available in a stripped down version which gives you multiple options and extremely fast access to drop these drum beats into your tracks within seconds.

Total Club Kicks 01 — 240 Brand New Club Kicks – A Beat Programmers Wet Dream!

Good kicks are extremely hard to come by, excellent collections of kick drums are near impossible to find. We decided to do something about this and after weeks in the Zenhiser studio ‘Total Club Kicks’ was created to fill the void. Designed exclusively to fit the clubbing realm these incredible 240 kick drums are a must for all producers and remixers. Every kick drum has been designed from the ground up with the knowledge thats this kick collection needs to bridge the gap from smooth deep house kicks to pumping fast attack trance kicks.

The Deep House Beats and Total Club Kicks sample packs are available to purchase for $14.99 AUD each.

More information: Zenhiser