Zenhiser has released Massive Dubstep Sounds 4, a collection of 100 Dubstep presets for Native Instruments Massive, and Filthy Dubstep Basslines, a sample pack featuring 150 basses for Dubstep music production.

Massive Dubstep Sounds

Massive Dubstep Sounds 4

Totalling 100 dubstep presets that will lift your tracks to new realms this is the tool box of dubstep sounds every dubstep producer should have. Heavy basses, sharp fx and screaming leads makes ‘Massive Dubstep Sounds 4’ the pinnacle of Dubstep sonic heaven.

With macro controls for all the dubstep presets programming options are now right at your fingertips without any knowledge of synthesis, just tweak the macro’s presets and watch your sounds morph, mutate and sweep to suit.

Filthy Dubstep Basses

Filthy Dubstep Basslines

Totalling 150 brand new dubstep basslines this is one serious producer’s pack and when you hear the preview you’ll realise just how many hooks we’re delivering. Every dubstep bassline is different and each one as good as the last, now that’s a sh*t load of dubstep heaven!

Filthy Dubstep Basslines includes throbbing bass heavy loops, brutal basslines, intense wobbles, colossal drivers and sub thumping patterns. Sounds great right, well check out the preview and you’ll know exactly what we are talking about. Hey don’t delay, get these dubstep basslines into your tracks now, you’ll be happy you did.

Massive Dubstep Sounds 4 is available to purchase for $30 AUD, Filthy Dubstep Basslines costs $25 AUD.

More information: Zenhiser