Zenhiser 1985 Drum Beats

Zenhiser has announced the release of two new 1985 Drum Beats sample packs.

We’ve reached the mid 80s and boy do we have two great 80s drum beat packs for you.

‘1985 Drum Beats 01, 02’ cover the incredibly popular year of 1985 documenting all the best drum loops and rhythms that 1985 had to offer. As with all our 1980’s drum beat packs every loop has a slightly different spin on it allowing you something fresh and exciting within your music productions whilst still holding true the sound of the 80s beat.

The 1985 Drum Beats sample packs are $14.99 AUD each.

Zenhiser has also announced a limited time promotion for the Total Rise & Fall SFX series.

For the last two weeks of March anyone who purchases Total Rise & Fall SFX 01 from the Zenhiser website gets Total Rise & Fall SFX 02 absolutely free, that’s a saving of $14.99 AUD. Simply follow the link and pack 02 will show up automatically in your cart when you add pack 01, it’s that’s simple!

More information: Zenhiser