Zenhiser 80's Synthtastic

Zenhiser has announced 80’s Synthastic, a collection of 80’s synth, bass, and fx samples.

Time to get truly nostalgic with our latest offering in the 80’s sample arena. “80’s Synthtastic” delves into the realm of 80’s synths creating an array of warm, electronic leads, basses and fx, perfectly crafted for that classic 80’s sound.

Unlike many of our other packs, we’ve packaged this one a little differently. Nearly all samples are available in multiple keys or chords so you can use these straight out the box for instant 80’s intoxication. All samples also have fx added, our producers tried this new technique to enable producers to drop these chords, synth hits or fx into their mix and envelop their 80’s inspired tracks almost instantly.

As per usual all samples within “80’s Synthtastic” include bpm and key information within their file name for fast use.

The sample pack is available for purchase for $40 AUD.

More information: Zenhiser / 80’s Synthastic