Zenhiser has announced the release of 909 – The Machine, a sample library featuring the sounds of the Roland TR-909 drum machine.

Zenhiser 909 The Machine

909 The Machine is as true as it gets, it’s the biggest collection of Roland TR-909 samples ever released and designed to give you just about every possible combination of 909 drum samples you could ever need. Recorded directly from an original, perfect condition Roland TR-909 with so many different knob adjustments variations it’s crazy, then routed and mastered using the most authentic classic outboard means this Roland TR-909 sample collection is truly amazing. Totalling 1168 samples including 375 kick drum sounds allows you to never need another 909 drum collection ever again. Every attention to detail has been made, multiple takes of each drum machine sound have been sampled with different attack settings, tune settings, decay settings and accent settings, delivering an expansive array of drum sounds to choose from right at your fingertips. Claps recorded hard & soft, no problem, toms tuned for hi, mid & low with hard & soft, done, massive collection of snares in various takes, done again. Every TR909 drum sample has the settings used in the filename, meaning we tell you how much accent, tune, attack and decay was used in each and every sample, now that’s detail for you.

909 – The Machine sounds pretty good so far, right, well it’s about to get a whole lot better. Included in 909 – The Machine is a massive archive of drum beats, all authentic re-creations of the most popular tracks ranging from the late 80’s through to today. There’s 360 TR-909 drum beats in total ranging from 54 bpm throughout to 200 bpm, all looped perfectly and ready to use. I think now you can see just how epic this sample pack really is. And as with all Zenhiser sample packs this Roland TR-909 samples library has all the attention to detail it needs, a top level of audio quality you would only expect from us and labelling that’s makes these drum samples and drum beats a pleasure to use.

The sample pack is available to purchase for $30 USD.

More information: Zenhiser / 909 The Machine