Zenhiser Kick Masters Progressive & Main Room House

Zenhiser has announced the release of Kick Masters – Progressive & Main Room House, a collection of 150 kick drum samples.

Zenhiser is back with the most infectious kick drums to date, designed for Progressive House & Main Room House these powerful kicks are ready to drag & drop and will deliver instant punch, clarity and drive to all your tracks. Each kick drum has been custom engineered for absolute maximum penetration without delving into too much overdrive or bottom end failure. They are clean, crisp and ready to deliver with every kick designed exclusively in the Zenhiser studio you know this is going to be a huge sample pack.

Kick Masters – Progressive & Mainroom House serves up 150 sonically beautiful kicks available in both mono and stereo versions. Plus we are throwing in an extra 20 bonus kicks because we love you that much!

The sample pack costs $25 AUD.

More information: Zenhiser / Kick Masters Prog & MR