Zenhiser Pure Minimal sample packs

Zenhiser has released a number of new Pure Minimal Kick Drums, High Hats and Snares/Claps sample packs.

Pure Minimal sample packs

  • Pure Minimal Kick Drums (3 packs available)
    These big room pumping kick drums have all the energy and punch no minimal track should be without. Simply put, ‘Pure Minimal Kick Drums’ are saturated with high end quality and constructed to a level not seen before on a collection of kicks this large. Every minimal kick drum has been planned, created and constructed for one simple reason, to give your Minimal Beats the highest level of quality, pump and drive money can buy.
  • Pure Minimal High Hats (2 packs available)
    If you’re into the global Minimal sound, whether it be Tech, House, Techno or simply Deep Minimal then any additions to your drum sample library are always a welcomed gift. ‘Pure Minimal Hi Hats’ breathes new life into your hi hat library by delivering an inspirational new collection hi hat samples that just sit perfectly in Minimal productions. Tight, sometimes light with superb attack and harmonics is the only way to describe these hat drum samples. Created specifically for Minimal music this eclectic collection of brand new hi hat samples will please any club head and squeeze just the right frequencies into your Minimal tracks.
  • Pure Minimal Snares/Claps (2 packs available)
    It’s only a matter of time before your snares, snaps & claps start to sound overly used and un-inspirational. Well we’ve done something about that. ‘Pure Minimal Snares & Claps’ cuts straight to the chase and supplies an awesome collection of exclusive snares, snaps & claps samples never heard before. Every drum sample has been crafted to create this brand new collection and ensure these style of snares & clap sounds sit perfectly within your Minimal productions and remixes.

The Pure Minimal sample packs include 40 samples (44.1 khz, 16 bit wav files) and are available for download for 4.40 EUR each.

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