Zenhiser has announced the release of Spinback & Tapestop FX and the Classic House Drum Kit, two new downloadable sample packs.

Zenhiser Spinback & Tapestop FX

Here at Zenhiser we love pondering over what sample pack we would need in our productions but just can’t find, and this was a big one! “Spinback & Tapestop FX” is a killer sample pack for just about every producer in every genre. Recorded, tweaked, digitized and then manipulated to madness has created a collection of Uber Cool spinback sound effects both short and long, tapestop including short attacks, boomtastic slow downs, drum beat stop fx and even future proof stutter fx tapestops. You can tell we really had fun making this sample pack, not sure if our SL1210 stop button will never be the same though after the abuse it took!

Zenhiser Classic House Drum Kit

Purveyor’s of all things house will be spell bound by the latest drum kit to hit the Zenhiser shelves. ‘The Classic House Drum Kit’ is an authentic collection of classic house drum sounds and hits that encapsulates the classic groovy house sound. With over 270 exclusive drum hits including woody low end kicks, rattly hi hats, live sounding snares and percussion and the bonus of an drum fx folder to sweeten things up this sample pack simply can not be missed by any serious house music producer or remixer.

Spinback & Tapestop FX is available to purchase for $24.99 AUD; the Classic House Drum Kit is $19.99 AUD.

More information: Zenhiser