Zenhiser Studio Essentials Progressive Trance

Zenhiser has released Studio Essentials – Progressive Trance, a collection of 525 progressive trance sounds.

Coming in at just over 500 Progressive Trance sounds this sample pack is crammed full of euphoric goodness, it really doesn’t matter whether you’re producing Progressive Trance, Progressive House or even regular Trance there is something for everyone in here. It’s full of hands up moments to get the clubs rushing, slamming drops to watch a whole dance floor rock and choppy leads which will make even the most seasoned clubber smile.

With Studio Essentials – Progressive Trance you have the power to destroy dance floors, it’s all tucked away in this packs folders. We will change your tracks for the better, make you a better producer and command a god like status when playing your tracks to a capacity club, f*ck you must love Zenhiser by now!

Zenhiser has also introduced Blissed Out Deep House, a 1.2 GB sample pack featuring deep house grooves, loops, beats & basslines.

Zenhiser Blissed Out Deep House

We’re getting that summer groove on with some truly smooth & seductive deep house sounds.

Blissed Out Deep House get’s as deep and downright dirty as the deep house sound gets, covering every corner of the deep house globe and smokin’ it’s way through one mighty fine collection of deep house beats, basslines, chords, synth and deep house fx. We’ve given you just a taste in the preview but we’re pretty sure that should be enough to entice you, if not then read a little further.

Totalling 440 deep house loops and grooves encompassing 1.2GB of audio this sample pack is a deep house mecca. It doesn’t matter whether you like the swingy side of deep house or simple bassline driven grooves this pack has it all, it’s the quintessential sample collection for any house studio. Every beat, loop, bassline or deep house hook is mastered to perfection, chopped to loop perfectly in seconds and categorised so you can find what you want when you want. And of course with a sample pack like this every applicable loop contains bpm and key information in the filename.

The sample packs cost $35 AUD each.

More information: Zenhiser / Studio Essentials Progressive Trance