Zenhiser Vital Techno Kicks

Zenhiser has launched Vital: Techno Kicks, a sample pack featuring 450+ techno kicks.

Probably the most essential pack in our Vital Techno range, this kick drum selection stands out from the crowd with an expressive collection of 457 Techno kicks. We love kicks big time here at Zenhiser, so the chance to release another epic kick drum collection designed exclusively for Techno was a no brainer. Inside this smouldering collection you’ll find a full arsenal of kicks drums crafted into five distinct styles, standard kicks, boom kicks, fx kicks, sub kicks and top kicks. Each dedicated style delves into the deep, emotive sound of Techno.

This fresh selection of new kicks is crammed full of sonic inspiration for future Techno beats and rhythms. Simply by adding these juicy kicks to any exisiting or new percussion loops will create (by sonic wizardry) a magical, more professional percussive overlay almost instantly. Huge attentional to detail has been paid to each and every kick drum within the pack ensuring the boom kicks really rumble, the fx kicks stand out from the crowd and the standard kicks are anything but standard.

The sample pack costs $35 AUD.

More information: Zenhiser / Vital: Techno Kicks