ZenSound has announced the release of a new soundset by Complex, featuring a collection of analog electronica sounds for the Repro-1 synthesizer from u-he.

ZenSound Andromeda for Repro-1

All the 128 sounds have been carefully designed to trigger your creativity and give you new ideas to explore.

Andromeda contains lush and large analog pads and leads, original and motivating sequences and arps, low-end mono basses and bass loops, synced percussion loops and mind blowing monosynths.

This soundset is inspired into the analog monosynths era, and all the sounds take advantage from Repro-1 unique characteristics and strengths.
All the 128 patches are “ready to go” and are responsive to modwheel and velocity.

Andromeda features

  • 128 patches for Repro-1.
  • Normalized Volumes.
  • Velocity Sensitivity.
  • Control by Modwheel.
  • Royalty Free. For commercial or free use.

The Andromeda soundset is available at an intro price of 16 EUR until Friday June 23rd, 2017. A free demo pack with 10 patches is available for download.

More information: ZenSound / Andromeda for Repro-1