ZenSound has announced the launch of its 2020 Summer Sale with 40% off on soundsets for Diva, Zebra, Repro-5, Serum, Chromophone 2, and more.

ZenSound Summer Sale 2020

Hello everybody! Finally is time for some savings with our annual ZenSound Summer sale. This time to keep things simple all is 40% off; soundsets and bundles.

Just enter the code NEWSEEDS into your shopping cart.

The only items not included in the sale are the new releases Uno LX Gaela and Repro-1 Aeria

Items on sale include:

  • Diva Aeterna Gold: 14.40 EUR.
  • Repro-5 Somna: 11.40 EUR.
  • Zebra Betelgeuse: 11.40 EUR.
  • All Bundle: 254.88 EUR.

The sale ends on August 17th, 2020.

More information: ZenSound