ZenSound has announced a new soundset featuring 134 patches for the Hive synthesizer instrument by u-he.

ZenSound Hive Zentauri

The Zentauri collection is designed for any kind of electronic music production, with a focus on cinematic, ambient and synthwave projects.

With influences from the works of S U R V I V E, Junkie XL, Tangerine Dream and Solar Fields — All the patches of Zentauri had been carefully designed with passion and love, with the intention to help you with fresh ideas for your music.

Zentauri makes extense and original use of Hive’s new wavetables section, introducing a new and wide palette of sounds ranging from DX7 to crystaline mallets, metallic and vocal choir types.

Formed by analogue basses and dynamic basslines, large and silky widescreen pads and leads, technological and melodic sequences, suspenseful percussion loops, emotive and heart touching keys, thrilling science fiction effects and ethereal soundscapes.

All the patches are massive in sound and complexity, so just dropping a few patches of Zentauri into your track may be enough to finish it!

Zentauri is on sale for the intro price of 16 EUR + VAT until Arpil 19th, 2019. You can download a free demo pack with 12 patches for free.

More information: ZenSound