Zero-G Outer Limits

Outer Limits is a plug-in Virtual Sound Module featuring a 4GB core library of more than five hundred unique soundscapes by Ian Boddy, powered by a Custom High-Performance Native Instruments Audio Engine.

Outer Limits is Ian Boddy’s follow-up to his critically acclaimed Morphology Kompakt instrument but this time he has delved deeper and darker than ever before.

Categories include: Ambient Loops, Analogue Waves, Chamber of Horrors, Click & Glitch, Deep Space, Dense Soundscapes, Digital Drones, Digital Manipulations, Distorted Views, Heavy Drones, Machine Dreams, Minimalism, One Shot Synth FX, Outer Limits, Surreal to Real, Transcendental, Twisted Pads, Vintage Synth Atmos, Vocal Transformations and White Noise Atmospheres.

Summary of Features

  • Over 4 Gigabytes of core library and more than five hundred unique soundscapes
  • All original samples, recorded at 24 Bit sample resolution for hi-fidelity
  • Easy and intuitive user interface (a version of Native Instruments’ superb KOMPAKT sampler)
  • Engine is based on KONTAKT audio engine, the world’s finest software sampling engine
  • Professional sound quality with advanced 32-bit processing
  • Powerful filter offers six types, including low-pass, high-pass, and band-pass
  • Three AHDSR envelopes and four LFOs
  • Integrated effects: chorus, reverb, and delay
  • Total Recall (complete MIDI automation and control)
  • Sound Library can also be loaded into other Native Instruments samplers including KONTAKT version 1.5 for even greater flexibility and more options for working with the material.

OUTER LIMITS will be available early December for a recommended retail price of US $199.95 (196 Euros). Check Zero-G’s product page for more information and sound demo’s.