Zero-G has released Spirit of Raga, a sample pack that covers a huge collection of vocal samples in various Indian styles focusing mainly on Hindustani classical (Northern India) and Carnatic classical (Southern India). It also includes Folk, Traditional, Devotional and Semi-Classical styles.

Zero-G Spirit of Raga

The library features vocals from Ranjini Hemanth, a performing artist, singer and classical dancer from Bangalore, India.

Ranjini has been performing to huge audiences since she was 8 years old. She has a mature and clear singing voice. Her ability to sing in various languages and styles has made her an outstanding talent in her field.

Emotive, spiritual, atmospheric and powerful, Spirit of Raga offers the true flavour and diversity of Indian vocal music and traditions in the different regional languages and styles of India. The collection is split into two parts:

The Carnatic Edition consists of vocal samples in the South Indian classical style and includes Classical and Devotional songs, Swaramaalika and Thillanas in popular ragas. Additionally, it contains vocal hooks and Solkattu (normally practiced or performed by south Indian percussionists or classical dancers).

The Hindustani Edition consists of vocal samples in the North Indian classical style and includes popular Bhajans, Traditional songs, Classical songs and Swaramaalika. Additionally, it also includes Bols (mnemonic syllables, normally practiced or performed by north Indian percussionists or classical dancers).

Spirit of Raga features

  • 500 Acidized WAV files.
  • 500 AIFF Apple Loops.
  • 50 Kontakt Instruments.
  • 50 EXS24 Instruments.
  • 50 NN-XT Instruments.

Spirit of Raga is available now with an introductory 20% off until October 3rd, 2017. A free taster pack is available for download.

More information: Zero-G / Spirit of Raga