Time+Space has launched a Weekend Deal on Zero-G’s Ethera instruments, offering up to 30% off on the popular sample collections for Native Instruments Kontakt.

TimeSpace Ethera sale

Utilising the stunning and emotive vocals of Clara Sorace, ETHERA titles come with a host of in-built features including phrase builders and arpeggiators as well as an extensive FX section.

The “True Emotive Legato” in ETHERA Soundscapes 2.0 is possibly the absolute best realistic representation of a live voice that you could get in any vocal library.

The following Ethera titles are on sale:

  • Ethera 2.0 (30% OFF), is a cinematic vocal instrument geared towards Epic, Fantasy, Celtic and Operatic styles, however there are also presets for World, EDM and Soul. The Fantasy/Celtic style comes through strongly with the vocal palette and it certainly lends a weight and gravitas to your compositions.
  • Ethera Soul Edition (30% OFF) features stunning Soul and Gospel vocal samples. These range from your solo and choir ‘oohs’ to lyrical vocal phrases that will let you construct full length songs using this library. Whilst quintessentially geared towards soul and gospel music, we also find them highly useful for EDM and cinematic projects.
  • Ethera Soundscapes (20% OFF) – Weighing in at almost 24GB, the latest release, ETHERA Soundscapes is not only a vocal instrument, but also includes a full atmospheric ambience library, and another full library of custom synth instruments. You get a huge amount for your money, and it was recently nominated for a Music Tech Gear of the Year award.

You can also get all three titles in the Ethera Bundle, priced at only £149 GBP this weekend.

The offer ends February 12th, 2018.

More information: Time+Space