Z&H Designs has announced availability of a tribute to the sought-after ’70s-vintage Sontec MEP-250 classic rarity.

Each of the 5 independent bands of the HVC250 5-band parametric equalizer offers a range of ±12dB (hardware maximum at ±16dB) and comes with its own bypass. With Q between 0.6 and 4, you could perform surgical tricks on any track, while the shelf option at air and sub bands allows you to to do the high and low stuff which is inherited well from its ancestor.

It took 5 years to redesign the circuits, to eventually produce many parts in house, to handbuild the machine, as well as to test with 100+ commercial projects.

We find ourselves using the HVC250 more often than any other EQ in the studio, thanks to how easy it is to deliver a satisfying and natural result, which doesn’t sound engineered at all. Regardless of its root in the great analog fashion, the HVC250 is an EQ that every studio needs.

Shipping from Shanghai, China, where units are handcrafted and tested, HVC250 is available to order for £2,123 GBP / $2,699 USD / 2,631.95 EUR, including worldwide free shipping. Full import duty charges into the UK and EU are covered by Z&H Designs itself, while orders destined for the US will not be charged customs duty by default.

Customers can customize their HVC250 at the ordering stage, switching knobs and changing the front panel design from a selection of available alternatives, or even submitting an original design to better suit their studio setup, as well as choosing a 6 dB boost/cut option.

More information: Z&H Designs