ZionDSP has released Lil’Plug, a free effect plug-in for Windows.

We wanted to be able to share the ZionDSP sound with everyone, so we created this little guy.

A little bit of warmth and drive, combined with some smooth EQ make for one big sound!

ZionDSP LilPlug

Lil’Plug features

  • Drive mode for adding that bit of warmth and depth to your sounds.
  • Overdrive mode for pushing things a bit further, with a little bit of bite and lots of tone.
  • Low Boost button for adding that extra bit of low end punch.
  • High Boost button for adding more clarity and air into your sounds.
  • Input mode selector to allow you to select between stereo, left, right, mid (mono), or side input modes.
  • Complete 64bit processing for high quality audio.

Lil’Plug for Windows (VST) is available as a free download from the ZionDSP website.

More information: ZionDSP