ZionDSP Filtering and Dynamics Bundle

ZionDSP has released the Filtering and Dynamics Bundle, a collection of four effect plug-ins for Windows.

Filtering and Dynamics Bundle

  • DyeNamik – Dynamic control VST plugin aimed at providing the ultimate tone-shaping and dynamics control in one. DyeNamik is absolutely jam packed with features to allow you to tweak your sounds till your heart’s content!
  • Lil’Comp – The little compressor that could! A small compressor VST plugin aimed more at tonal colouring than accurate dynamic range compression, and packed with a lot of features to help it do it’s job.
  • SpectraFive – Powerful little EQ and filter VST plugin which provides 5 bands of eq, including low-shelf, high-shelf and three bell EQ bands, as well as a high-pass and low-pass filter and some special wave-shaping and harmonics generation for that extra bit of warmth and tone!
  • SpectraOne – Small filtering VST used that is capable of a flexible array of tones. With low-pass, high-pass, band-pass and notch filter modes (band-pass and notch with selectable bandwidth).

Note: ZionDSP plug-ins are hand-coded C++ and Assembly.

The ZionDSP Filtering and Dynamics Bundle for Windows PC (VST) is available to purchase for $95 AUD (regular $129.80 AUD).

More information: ZionDSP