Zoom H4 firmware updated to v2.0

Zoom H4 Handy Recorder

The firmware for the Zoom H4 Handy Recorder has been updated to version 2.0.

Changes in v2.0

  • Support for SDHC cards over 4GB
  • Adopted a larger display font to be easier to read
  • Indicates the battery capacity and recordable time at the top of the screen
  • Added a File Dividing function to create separate files for each song from a long-hours of live recording
  • Added a Low-Cut filter to reduce wind noise and breath popping
  • Added an MP3 post-encoding funciton which can convert recorded WAV files into MP3s
  • Added a Mono Mix function for the purpose of Electronic News Gathering
  • Added an Auto Recording function enables you to start recording automatically when the input signal exceeds a certain level
  • Added a Normalize function lets you increase the audio level of the recorded file at a maximum

Brad Linder says the software update does not solve the electric pulsing noise problem when you’re running on battery power, so the best solution is still to build your own battery pack.

Visit Zoom’s H4 download page for more information, links to download the lastest firmware and a supplemental manual.

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Marc Victor
Marc Victor

I’ve just transfered some stero files to my computer and 2 things have happened.
1) windows media can’t play them
2) when i transfer them to Steinberg software it plays them at a fraction of the normal tempo and i can’t speed it up to hear a normal speed.
any suggestions


Hey.The Zoom seems to be down. I’ve been trying for days.. maybe they went under?

Anyone have the Zoom H4 firmware update? I’ll host it.


or rapidshare it and comment the link :)