ZooTooK releases MiniMojo for Reaktor


ZooTooK has released MiniMojo, a free Reaktor ensemble using a new isomorphic algorithm called Analog Legacy.

ZooTooK MiniMojoThe MiniMojo with phaser, flanger, and base echo devices.

Analog Legacy is the theory of modulating all functions in a synthesizer at all frequencies. The key is to find the right balance of the modulation depth for each frequency. Minimojo is the first attempt to use this theory in practice.

Just to make it clear: The Minimojo is not in any way a copy of MONARK. I have not used or have had access to MONARK during the making of Minimojo. Instead the old ensemble Minimood made by NI in 1999, which has then been modified by several users, has been used as the starting point. I think that the basic structure will be recognizable from that early ensemble.

The ensemble is a free download from the Reaktor User Library. The Base Echo RE-012 (Roland Space Echo RE-201 emulation) featured in the ensemble is also available to download separately. These ensembles require a full version of Reaktor.

More information: MiniMojo

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Just incredible. Sounds better than Diva or Monark or the Legend or any other Moog clone. It just feels alive. It feels like I’m really turning the knobs. Let me clarify – those other synths might have a more perfect sound, which would probably sound “better” to most people, but as a long time owner of a real Moog, this nails it.

Dan O
Dan O

LUSH, well done Zootook…..impressive programming. Thanks for the CC & thanks to Sowari for the presets, twiddling with space age 1* at the moment over a short video of earths sunrise from an orbit perspective and all of a sudden i’m zimmer, I might put a bid in to ridley for the rest of the alien franchise.